Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ryan's Tootsie Roll Adventure

Ryan received
a piece of candy
in primary, from
a member of the
bishopric. It was
a vanilla tootsie roll.
YUMMY!! Well
he decided it was
his favorite kind of tootsie roll, but that it was not
fair that the regular flavored tootsie rolls came in
a bigger size and not the Vanilla. So, when we got
home from church, he decided to write a letter
to Tootsie Roll Headquarters. In his letter he told
them that he like the vanilla tootsie rolls the best,
that they are his favorite flavor. He then told them
that he really wished they would make the vanilla
flavor tootsie roll in a big bar, like the chocolate one.
We mailed the letter, and a few weeks later he received
a letter back from Tootsie Roll. He was soooooooooo
excited!! We all could not believe he got a response.
The letter (below) said they were pleased to hear from
him. They also told him they would have the vanilla
tootsie roll flavor available in a larger size in the near
future!!! Can you believe that?! They also sent a coupon
for tootsie roll products with the letter. We were all very
excited! Of course, his grandma and mom were on the
verge of tears while he read the letter to us.....I know
we are a bunch of saps :)!! Just thought we'd share
this fun experience!

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Chrsitina MC said...

That will be such a good lesson for Ryan that voicing your can make a difference. I can't believe how big Reagan has gotten. Where is my silent, sleepy sunbeam?