Friday, November 13, 2009

The Official U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree!

When Rhett found out the Christmas tree for
our country's Capitol was going to be from here
in Arizona, he was so excited. Being a truck
driver himself, gave him more interest and he
knows the guy driving the truck that is delivering
the Capitol Tree. We were all excited to know
it would be making a stop here in Apache Junction
for public viewing and festivities!

So Rhett took Ryan and Regan to see the trucks
and trees. It was quite the event!
The tree is an 85 ft. Blue Spruce from Alpine,
Arizona. There are misters and a cooler on the
trailer to keep the temp. right for the tree.
There is also a water bladder on the trunk and
the tree drinks up to 65 gal. per day.

They even got to write their names on the sign
hanging on the trailer.

This truck carried the ten thousand ornaments,
made by Arizona school children, for decorating
the tree.

There was a youth choir singing Christmas songs,
police cars and officers, treats ang goodies, and
more.......but most of all there was SANTA!!!!!

The kids were amazed by the size of the tree and the trailer! It was a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Apple Eater!

I had the fridge door open and Wyatt had to be
curious and check it out. He found this apple on
the shelf and snagged it. I didn't know what he
was going to do with it...I thought he was going to
throw it like a ball, since he loves to throw balls
around the house. But to my surprise he stuck it
in his mouth and started chompin' down on it! He
really enjoyed it and ate quite a good amount for
such a little guy! :) Yummy!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

DISNEYLAND news!!!!!!

We got our tickets, for Disneyland, in the mail
a few days ago!!!! We finally told the kids the
exciting news!! Here's a picture to show a small
amount of their excitement and anticipation!!!
We will be going on Thanksgiving Day!!



Barbie/Regan as Thumbelina

Ryan as Venom. No masks allowed at church
so I had to paint his face to look like a Venom
mask! He loved it, and nobody recognized him
at church.

Wyatt as Buzz Lightyear

The whole crew!!! Ready to go!!
Our front porch. SPOOKY!!

Our Jack-O-Lantern
Halloween Night 10/31/09

The kids and I went to a Halloween party at
the Caza Home! It was very fun!!

Jack the Pumpkin King

Ryan wanted to be Jack sooooo bad, for soooo
long. His Grandma Carla mad him the suit and
I made the bat for his colar! He was so excited
to finally get to be this character!

"Trick or Treat"!!!!

They got live goldfish at the party! Oh YEA!!!!

Even Wyatt went trick or treating!

Where did the tires go?!?!

So Sunday Sept. 27, 2009, we were just waking
up when a loud knock and doorbell sounded
through the house. A little surprised, and not
expecting anyone, we looked out the upstairs
window to find a cop car out front. I went down,
opened the door and the cop said, "Is that your
truck and trailer parked out on Cortez?". I said,
"Yes". He said, "Did it have tires on it the last
time you saw it?".....I said."Uh, yes." He said,
"Well it doesn't anymore"! I replied, "Lovely!!"
Wide eyed and shocked I got Rhett to go out
and meet the cop out by the truck. Of course
the tire shop is closed on Sunday, so we had to
wait to do anything. These pics are what we saw
as we drove out to the street......and everyone
in our nieghborhood that is in our ward saw
as they headed to church that afternoon. :)
We actually got a call a few days later, while we
were waiting for our tires to come in. It was
the police dept. asking why our truck and trailer
were parked out on the street, because they
had received a complaint about an abandoned
truck and trailer! Seriously!!!! You really think
our $40,000 truck and brand new trailer would
be abandoned on the main street outside of our
nieghorhood?!!!? Come on!! Anyway, that was
the drama! :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Regan's 5th Birthday!!

PARTY!! Pretty much an entire week of Birthday fun:
We had a party at Erin and Logan's home to
celebrate Regan's and Jocelyn's Birthdays!
Aunt Leanne gave her a "littlest pet shop" set!

Sean and Loriel gave her a Barbie movie!!!

Grandma Calra made her a new "Blankie"....
........Grandma Carla and Grandpa Howard gave
her some pretty earings!..........

.........Some very pretty outfits!
(that dress was not Regan's)

Erin gave her a "Littlest Petr Shop" toy!

Grandma and Grandpa even got Ryan a gift....

....and Wyatt as well!
Erin made an ice cream cake for the
was delicious!!

Blowing out her #5 candle! Birthday cake time!!

The next day she got a package in the mail
from Grandma and Grandpa Tomsik! It was
this beautiful dress.....she was so EXCITED!

We also had a party at Grandma Carla's house
on her actual birthday. Grandma made a cake
just for Regan!

The birthday girl and Grandma!! Wearing one
of the outfits she gave her.

Waiting to open her gift from Mom and Dad!
oh the anticipation..........................................

.................some baby doll outfits and
diapers for her baby dolls!! So exciting!!
The next night Aunt Sarah and Uncle Tyler
brought their gift over........a Tea Set, Tinkerbell

So they all had a little Tea Party to top off the

She also got this "doll house with people"from
her Grandma Andrea.......Wyatt enjoys it as well!

Laundry Fairy!!

One day I was searching for Wyatt all over the
house......well I found him doing this, lol!! He
loves to do the laundry.....he really will help me
put clothes in the washer and dryer :). But I
have learned to check the washer before I use
it to be sure there are no foriegn objects in it!