Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Regan loves her doggies!

This picture was taken at our McCarl camp out, 6/2009

Singin' kids!!!

Regan is my little singer! She has a beautiful
little voice!

The kids were in a singing mood and wanted to make
a video of I had to share!!

Manti/Fish Lake trip July 2009

We stopped at the bridge over Lake Powell Damn on our
way to Manti.

The kids were amazed at the size of the bridge and Damn.

Hi Wyatt!!!

We got to Manti safe and sound and the cousins had a blast

Grandpa's fishing boat became a drum for the babies.....and
the others.

This is the kids in the car on the way to the Manti Cemetery
to visit Grandma and Grandpa Harris. (Regan was very grumpy
and ready for a nap). The Cemetery was beautiful and it
was fun to do a little geneology while we walked through out
the grounds. So much family history in such a small city!

And of course we had to go to the Malt Shop before we could
complete our outing. This is the playground outside the
Malt Shop.....yum!

The kids had a blast swinging and eating ice cream.

...even Wyatt enjoyed the nice green grass to play on! Despite
finding a wasps nest at my knees, under the picnic table,
we all enjoyed revisiting familiar places full of memories! Plus
the food was still delicious!

This is the view of the beautiful Manti Temple from the
entrance of the Campground we were camped at.

Gotta have the night view!!! Soooo pretty!

Around the campfire at Fish Lake.

Ryan and Regan had so much fun fishing with Grandpa Tomsik
and Aunt Colleen!

Mr. Wyatt was our good luck joke. We had
much success that morning....when Wyatt was on the boat.....
....not so much that afternoon when he was not on board.
Sorry guys!

Grandpa prepared the fishing poles.......

......We played with the bait.......

......And Regan caught the first fish....we put the littel guy back
so he could get bigger.

Then she caught another......too small again.

Then Grandpa caught one.....but THEN Ryan caught a BIGGER one!!!

Next Ryan caught his second.........

......Then Regan finally caught a keeper......and.....somewhere
in there Colleen caught one......I was the BIGGEST.

Here is the catch of the day!! Beautiful and delicious....for
those that enjoy eating fish. Grandma Tomsik cooked it up
that night. It turned out very usual!

Here is Rhett with the dirtiest fast EVER. He went riding with
Jeremy and Franky.......beautiful ride, I am told. Rhett followed
the you can tell by his clean face! :)

Lake Powell "look out" on our drive home. HUGE!!!!

There we are!

There they are!!

Ryan at Lake Powell

Regan at Lake Powell.
Our trip was sooooo fun.......but......WAY TOO SHORT!!