Monday, April 20, 2009

Baby no more!!!!

pulling up on everything!

What a cutie!!

Getting so big......look at that smile!!

Already lovin' the trucks!

Camping with family!!

It snowed the first night we were there, but it was light
and melted once the sun was out.

The kids had fun in the little bit that was on the ground.

This was "the climbing tree".....named by the kids.
Gathering fire wood........the kids found an old dead tree that
they decided to break apart and bringto camp one piece at a
time. It was quite a hike for their little legs, but we weren't
going to stop them from hiking a little. :)

The trailer became a playground for the kids for some reason.
Doesn't he look thrilled :)
Sitting around the camp fire.

We woke up on our last day to even more snow.....and it
was still snowing......and would not stop.
But nothing stops the kids from having fun while camping!

Ryan couldn't wait to see if Daddy was going to let him ride
his quad in the snow!
Wyatt's first snow trip.....even if it wasn't planned!!
I think he liked it!
The kids played while the adults packed up....quickly!
......and.......YES....Ryan got to go for a ride on his quad in
the snow!!! Yea!!!!

The BIG Night!! At the Race!

The track and obsticles.

Rhett and Ryan havin' fun watching the races!

Regan watching...or not.....with Aunt Sarah!

Ryan was so excited to see this truck....War Wizard!!

Go Batman!!!

Ryan loves Donkey Kong........

..........But not as much as GRAVE DIGGER!!!!!

Grave Digger landed right in front of us!! Thank goodness
the first 9 rows are blocked off...we are in row 11.

Regan and Me enjoying some time together. She was really
getting bored!

Las Vegas Pit Party

Ryan got to sign this box truck and they put this truck out
on the track for the monster trucks to crush!

Regan had been real sick the day before and still wasn't feeling
100% at the pit party. She tried to enjoy herself.

Wyatt's first Monster Jam Pit Party!!! He had been sick too,
we were lucky to get this smile. Poor guy.

Ryan had a blast! It's been fun seeing the change in him
each year we go! He's a true fan!!

Ryan had tons of fun talking to all the different drivers and
having them sign his shirt! This particular driver asked Ryan
who his favorite truck was and Ryan was brutally honest
and told him straight out..."Grave Digger!" Needless to say
the driver was very disappointed! LOL

This was a very unexpected head-lock! Ryan thought it was
so funny!!

This is Dennis Anderson, the driver of GRAVE DIGGER!!
Well, obviously, not really, but it was funny......and...we didn't
have to wait in line for 4 HOURS to get this picture!! :)

Couldn't leave the pit party without getting a picture with
the best truck ever!!!

Monster Truck Custom Clothing!

Grandma Andrea made the kids matching clothes to
wear to the "pit party". So cute!!

Fun with family!

The kids had a blast with their Aunt Sarah and Aunt Keigthy Bug!

Out and about in Vegas

Our hotel was right on the strip, so it was great to be able to
walk to the places we wanted to go. These pics are from our
walk back to our hotel after a DELICIOUS Vegas Buffet!!