Thursday, February 18, 2010

Disneyland Nov. 2009

We went to Disneyland on Thanksgiving day, 2009.
It was so fun!!! Here are a few pics from our day!
This is when we arrived....the sun was very bright
apparently :) The first ride we went on was "Pirates
of the Carabian".....The kids LOVED it sooooo
much!...well, Wyatt was not too sure......

We were all very excited to be there while the
Haunted Mansion was decoarted with "The
Nightmare Before Christmas" stuff.

Getting in line for the Haunted Mansion......They
like the ride, but were a litte scared.

This is in the "Tarzan's Tree House". They had
a ton of fun climbing around with their cousins!

We ran into Aladin and Jasmin........we just HAD
to get a picture :)! As we walked away, after the
picture, Ryan turned to me and said, "She was cute!!"
....refering to Jasmin, of course :) so funny!!

Here we were with all the cousins, Aunts, Uncles,
and Grandma and Grandpa Tomsik.....waiting for
Tiki Room to open. The fountain drops water every
so often, so they are all waiting to touch the water.
That was a fun show! Regan and Ryan argued the
whole time whether the birds were real or not :)
........and the water finally fell...YEA!!

On the Jungle cruise!

In line for "Big Thunder Mountain" fun!
They LOVED this ride!!

Santa's Reindeer!


Dumbo!! Gotta love it!

Ryan was excited to ride by himself!

Gotta love the Tea Cups!!

Regan lovin' the Tea Cups.....priceless :)

Wyatt got lots of Grandma time!! :)

Waiting to ride "Small World" with Grandpa
and Megan!

"Small World" was a little more Wyatt's speed...
.....needless to say.....he really liked this ride.

Hi Regan!!!

Oh.....Hi there little guy :)

Cool lights on "Small World"

Kids in front of the frosted castle!.....
....can you tell they are having fun?!

Castle all lit pretty!

Waiting for "Star Tours" to begin!

.......still waiting..........They LOVED it!!!!

In line for "SPACE MOUNTAIN"!!!!!!
Oh my goodness......this was so fun!!
When we got off this ride, all the kids
were jumping up and down, shouting,
and saying how AWESOME the ride was!
So "Space Mountain" was named......
THE BEST RIDE EVER!!!!! Their reaction
to this ride made my whle day!!!! :)
This is the end of our very long day! What a day!!
Rides, Family, Fantasmic show, rides, fireworks,
rides, family, and more rides........We all had
soooo much fun! Even Wyatt.....he was soooo
good all day! It was so fun to see the
kids have SOOOOOO much FUN!! Definately
a day we will NEVER forget!!

Had to save this one for last......:) Ryan
could not wait to ride "Splash Mountain"!
We finally got to ride it that was
so fun, and Ryan loved it, but the drop
kinda scared you can see in the
picture :)...his hands slipped off the handles
and he thought he was going to fly out.....
poor guy.....but he said he had a blast!!
So glad we went!! It was such a fun time!!