Friday, March 20, 2009

He's Crawling!!!!!!!

Wyatt has been slowly gaining strength and confidence on
his hands and knees. Well, today he really crawled!!! We are
so proud of him!

Touch a Truck Event

We went to an event put on by Rhett's work called
the Touch a Truck event. The kids loved seeing all
the really big trucks and equipment.

They even had big dirt piles for the kids to play
in and these real cool shovel things.

The Air Force had a police car there and Regan
was so excited to say something on the loud speaker.

They demenstrated the police K9. It was
pretty cool.

We even got to see the 2009 Wiener Mobile!!!!

Gotta love the air horn!!

The Empire CAT Hummer.

Aside from Sarah getting was a great time!!